Device Description The Wellray® Medical Laser, Inc. Softcure TM 96 is a therapeutic medical device using wavelengths of monochromatic light produced by semiconductor laser diodes to treat a variety of musculoskeletal concerns. The Softcure TM 96 is a portable and wearable, battery powered, software controlled device intended for use on the body such as the back, legs, chest, arms or other areas where therapeutic light may be beneficial. A flexible panel, drawing power through an electrical cable from a carryable battery pack, emits red (635nm) light by means of semiconductor laser diodes to the desired body area. The flexible panel is designed to conform to the contour of the treatment site providing uniform treatment dosage over non-planar body physique. The semiconductor laser diodes are monitored for temperature and light output by a microprocessor and cooled by variable speed fans to ensure the optimum light output. The lasers are allowed to energize only when four separate fail-safe monitoring systems sense that the flexible panel is brought into close contact with the user’s body and that the power supply is operating correctly. These fail safe systems include capacitive proximity sensors, body temperature sensors, an ambient light sensor and reference voltage monitoring.