Investor Website
WELLRAY ® MEDICAL LASER, Inc. Contact Contact ENTER Designed for investors this website details the status of the SoftcureTM   96 Strategic Business Plan. You will find here an overview of the SoftcureTM 96 including the global market for the device and an analysis of the competition. Also included is an in- depth explanation of the Mechanism of Action of Laser Therapy.  WELLRAY  MEDICAL LASER. Inc. is currently manufacturing the SoftcureTM 96 and is working with medical device manufacturers to optimize assembly times and reduce the number of operations required. Because the SoftcureTM 96 has patents issued or pending in 41 countries we are looking for manufacturing firms with assembly plants worldwide.  WELLRAY  MEDICAL LASER, Inc. is actively seeking financing to expand our manufacturing and marketing programs and will entertain proposals covering the full range of funding options and acquisitions.